Attack on Titan Wallpaper 4k pc

Attack on Titan Wallpaper 4k pc

Eren Jaeger

The protagonist of the story is Grisha and Karla Jäger's son. He is regarded as obstinate and impulsive, yet with a strong sense of devotion and a desire to defend those he cares about. After losing his mother to the titans, he joins an army for vengeance, but when he finds his colossal powers, he resolves to utilize them to preserve humanity.


Eren inherited the powers of an Attacking Titan and a Founding Titan from his father, and when he assaults Marley, he acquires the power of a Battle Hammer Titan. Before entering the Explorers Corps, he finished fifth on Recruiting Team 104. His seiyu in the Japanese adaption is Yuki Kaji, Jaume Aguilo in the Spanish dub, and Miguel Angel Leal in Latin America.


Ackerman, Mikasa

She is Eren Jaeger's adoptive sister, to whom she owes a lot for saving her from her kidnappers who sought to make her a slave, and she has a deep kinship with him. Mikasa's disposition has changed dramatically since her parents' murder, and she, who was previously a joyful girl, has become somewhat reclusive.


She decides to join the army with Eren and Armin after Shiganshina falls, first completing Recruitment Squad 104 and then joining the Exploration Corps to battle the Titans. His seiyu is Yui Ishikawa in the Japanese translation, Laura Prats in the Spanish dub, and Ana Lobo in Latin America.



Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman were childhood friends of his. Despite being physically inferior than his classmates, he demonstrates remarkable intelligence through his strategic ability and rapid judgements. He later joined the Exploration Corps after graduating from Recruiting Team 104.


Armin was on the verge of death during the Battle of the Wall, having been burnt by the steam generated by Bertolt Hoover in his enormous titanium form. After being injected with a serum to save him, he transformed into a werewolf titan after devouring Hoover. Marina Inoue plays the seiyu in the Japanese version, Mark Gomez in the Spanish dub, and Hector Hireta from Alba in Latin America.

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Attack on Titan Wallpaper 4k pc

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