Attack on Titan | Eren Jaeger Wallpaper

Attack on Titan | Eren Jaeger Wallpaper

Eren Jaeger Titan Wallpaper 4k is the series' main protagonist. Grisha and Carla Jaeger raised him as their only child. He is Zeke Jaeger's younger half-brother, Mikasa Ackerman's adopted brother, and a Changeling Titan, as well as the last bearer of the Attack Titan, the Founder Titan, and the Warhammer Titan. Eren is from the Shiganshina district, which is outside of Maria's wall.

They decide to enlist in the army alongside his adoptive sister Mikasa and best friend Armin Arlert. After seeing his people's demise and his mother's death at the hands of the titans. He still has a personal vendetta against the titans, with the purpose of eliminating each and every one of them because they murdered his mother.

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