There's no doubt that Batman is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. His dark and mysterious personality is perfect for a superhero movie, and his gadgets and fighting skills are top-notch.


If you're a fan of Batman and want to spruce up your computer or phone with some of his classic wallpaper, we've got a few options for you. The most popular Batman wallpaper is probably the Dark Knight Rises wallpaper, which features the Dark Knight battling against Bane.


If you're a fan of the Dark Knight, then you're going to love the latest Batman wallpaper for your desktop. This wallpaper is 4K resolution and perfect for high-resolution displays. You can also use it as a background for your PC.


There are many different types of wallpaper that can be used in a Batman themed room. Some popular choices include:

  • Traditional wallpaper with images of bats or other Gotham City characters
  • Street art or graffiti style prints of Batman or other Gotham City characters
  • Digital prints of Batman characters or scenes from the Batman movies
  • Plaid or checked fabric for the walls or floor covering

Whatever wallpaper you choose, make sure it is appropriate for the age group of the child who will be using the room. Many of the Batman themed prints and fabrics are also suitable for adults.

Batman wallpapers for iPhone in 2022