Dante Devil May Cry Wallpaper 4K

Dante Devil May Cry Wallpaper 4K

Dante is the main character in the Devil May Cry series. Dante is a hybrid (half-demon) who has devoted most of his life to eradicating demons and other infernal creatures who have appeared in the human realm via his own activity. He was born from a human union named Eve and the legendary dark knight Sparda. Devil Never Cry, a group of paranormal hunters, was subsequently renamed Devil May Cry.


Dante possesses a diverse armament, ranging from demon swords to guns such as his two ebony and ivory pistols. Dante comes across as a person with a rather rock 'n' roll, carefree attitude throughout the novel.


Dante is an anti-hero, but in some situations, his demonic side triumphs, and Dante transforms into a terrifying beast while remaining the "good guy" in the plot. Dante is a tall man with silver hair who normally wears a crimson leather or vinyl cape.


Dante has a twin brother named Virgil who, although being his twin, is diametrically opposed to him. Throughout their narrative, Dante and Virgil will have multiple clashes, with only one remaining at the end. Finally, Dante expresses affection for his brother, sobbing passionately over his death.


Dante possesses two swords left to him by his father: the Rising, a secret blade, and his brother Virgil, another mysterious magic weapon called Yamato, the Rising, which will reveal its real form once Dante's demonic blood completely awakens, and the Edge of Power, the legendary Sparda's sword.


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